Knitting, another of my many hobbies.

Nana Teaches Kathi

My great grandmother (Nana) taught me to knit when I was 4 1/2 years old. I can still see myself as I went through the rooms. Starting in the kitchen, I went into the dining nook, then through the dining room to a foyer. Then around again and again while also knitting as Nana had shown me. I think I spent the rest of the time I was at Nana’s house knitting.

Kathi Goes Home

When I got home, my mother confiscated the knitting needles. Since the yarn was still attached to a knitting needles she took that as well. Because she felt long pointy things were not safe for a four year old with a younger sister, aged two. I never did get those needles returned to me. Before I ever knit again, we moved to a new house and I had another little sister.

sweet neighbor lady

There was a sweet lady living next door to our new home. She was delighted that our family had moved close to her. Every few months she went through some boxes of her stuff. Then she put anything she thought my sisters and I would enjoy having in a box for us. Eagle Eye Kathi spotted a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles in one of the boxes she brought to us. You best believe that I snagged them before anyone else had a chance. I don’t think I really had to worry, none of my sisters were interested in learning to knit at that time.


I sat myself down and tried to remember what Nana had taught me four years previously. I was knitting again and enjoying it. When my mother finished with a project using yarn, she gave me the leftover little balls. I was in my glory. It was not too much later that I started babysitting and had my own money to buy needles and yarn. I would knit something I designed as I went along. I still had not learned to read a pattern.  When I was about 16 I finally found a knitting pattern that gave instructions on how to read the pattern. I have been knitting ever since. I have knit a few things for myself. However, most of what I knit was a gift for someone else or to sell.

My own style

I was in my 30s when I learned that I had not quite remembered what Nana had taught me. As a result, my knitting is my own style. But it looked the same as the “real” knitting except for one minor difference. If you looked closely (and were an intermediate knitter) you might notice that slight difference. Most people who received knit gifts from me were not knitters so they never noticed that difference. I sometimes teach knitting but I try to teach the “real” method of knitting. I have tried knitting that way myself but halfway through the first row, I would be back knitting my way.